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Terry Bouricius on Democracy

The Theory and Practice of Sortition

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Nick Coccoma
Terry Bouricius
On culture, religion, politics.
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Terry Bouricius

In my recent essay for Boston Review on democracy-by-lottery (i.e., sortition), I led off with an interview with

. Terry’s a Vermonter who made a career as a public official, first in Burlington (The New York Times featured him in a 2016 profile of Bernie Sanders), and then in the State House, where he served the Chittenden 7-4 district for over a decade. But as he relates in the article, his time in the House catalyzed a conversion away from electoral politics toward democratic reformist activism. This began with a stint at FairVote, which advocates for ranked-choice voting, until he discovered sortition. He’s never looked back.

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